Kent Stewart wrote:

> On Friday 24 October 2003 01:38 pm, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
>> Kent Stewart wrote:
>> > On Friday 24 October 2003 10:41 am, Jesse Guardiani wrote:


>> > I come from the programming world and to update a library and not
>> > update the codes that use it really bothers me. I do what you did but I
>> > keep thinking about all of the problems that I could be causing.
>> Ah. I see. It's binary compatibility thing. Portupgrade has no way of
>> knowing if the new package is binary compatible with the old package, so
>> it builds the new package, uninstalls the old package, and installs the
>> new one. Grrr...
>> OK. I guess I'll just have to rebuild my entire ports tree if I want it
>> done right.
> Not all of the time. For example, the only one in recent time was the
> gettext library problem.
> The other thing is why are you telling portupgrade to recursively build
> all of grip's dependancies when you may not need to. I look at what
> portversion tells me is out of date first.

You mean portupgrade won't recursively upgrade my ports that are out of
date? It rebuilds ALL of them?

Hmmm... I never noticed that before. That stinks!

I'm looking for an automated upgrade proceedure here. portupgrade doesn't
seem to be giving it to me.

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