Vladimir wrote:
Здравствуйте, Jens.

Здравствуйте Vladimir,

you've forgotten to cc questions@ - added.

Вы писали 25 октября 2003 г., 19:24:56:

JR> Vladimir wrote:

Hi, freebsd-questions.
;; res_nsend: Operation timed out

JR> Furthermore I don't use acl's, I'm using packet filtering.

You have 2 lines with defined acl's in your config and allow only for requests matching the one of the list entries. If I were in your situation, I would remove them for testing to see whether it works than or not. I don't have any experience with access control within bind, so I cannot tell you if it's correct. I you ipf to block request not coming from or to this machine.

JR> $ dig
JR> ; <<>> DiG 8.3 <<>>
JR> ;; MSG SIZE sent: 27 rcvd: 102
Not working.

Try to connect to internet and see if it works fine than. If it does, either your /etc/resolve.conf is wrong or your access restriction are.

JR> As you can see here, my server responds. You should check your logfiles
JR> to see why your server denied to answer the request. Maybe you have to
JR> increase the verbosity for it.

How i can do it?

named(8) tells you :-)

Maybe something wrong in my configs?

And why mc start so long? I know that because of named, bucaese when I
stop it mc start quikly.

First assumtion of me is your acl's. If they're not, we'll look deeper :-)


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