Vladimir wrote:
Hi, Jens.

Hi Vladimir,

JR> You have 2 lines with defined acl's in your config and allow
JR> only for requests matching the one of the list entries.
JR> If I were in your situation, I would remove them for testing
JR> to see whether it works than or not. I don't have any experience
JR> with access control within bind, so I cannot tell you if it's
JR> correct. I you ipf to block request not coming from or
JR> to this machine.

I remove all acl's and changed all allow- but dig do not
work. I removed all allow- but it do not work. :-(

And restarted you server?

Ok, start the named within a script(1) with '-d'. Then it
will print whatever it does. On another terminal, start a
request, eg. 'dig'. If you cannot find sth. mysterious or
unwanted in the output, attach the log.

JR> $ dig
JR> ; <<>> DiG 8.3 <<>>
JR> ;; MSG SIZE  sent: 27  rcvd: 102
Not working.

JR> Try to connect to internet and see if it works fine than. Not working. :-(

JR> If it does, either your /etc/resolve.conf is wrong

search habanet.local
domain habanet.local

Is it right?

I think so.

JR> or your access restriction are.

JR> As you can see here, my server responds. You should check your logfiles
JR> to see why your server denied to answer the request. Maybe you have to
JR> increase the verbosity for it.

How i can do it?

JR> named(8) tells you :-)

You talking about -d option or about "logging"?

At first about the '-d' option.

Maybe something wrong in my configs?
And why mc start so long? I know that because of named, bucaese when I
stop it mc start quikly.

JR> First assumtion of me is your acl's. If they're not, we'll look JR> deeper :-)

Problem not in acl.

Your the expert :-) No - as long as it doesn't work, the config should be reduced to minimum. Maybe the acl's aren't the problem, maybe they aren't the only one. Maybe they are the only one which is not wrong?

Would you please be so kind and attach the config files next time
you reply?


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