If it use to work under Linux but no longer, are
sure you hardware is ok. Have you ever been able
to play any audio files?  Also, you have to use
mixer to adjust the input level and the recording
source. See man mixer.

Sounds like a hardware or configuration issue.

Also there is a Windows version of the Audacity
which I have used under Win2k it works nicely.

Oh, I guess that begs the question does the same
hardware setup work under windows?? If it does,
then expect it to be a configuration issue with
your sound setup [I have no idea if your sound chip
is support under Freebsd and I haven't used 5.1,
So someone else will have to answer that].

Have you searched the freebsd mail archive of questions,
stable, and current.

also does the device show up in your boot messages?

Sorry but in a rush,


RexFelis wrote:
I am using FreeBSD 5.1-p10, and recently I have
need to record spoken sounds.  I have installed
Audacity from ports, as well as KRec, but neither
of these works.  Audacity shows nothing but
silence for the waveforms.  The KMix applet menu
in my taskbar shows the microphone as having no
volume, presumably because there's something not
properly connecting somewhere software-wise.  The
microphone is plugged in.

My motherboard is an Albatron KX400+ Pro, and I
am using its on-board audio, which is a 6-channel
capable Realtek ALC650 chip.  This chip responds
beautifully to the 'device pcm' line being added
to the kernel config file.  It does nothing for
the recording capabilities.  A perusal of the
handbook revealed almost no mention at all about
recording audio, and certainly no mention I could
find about actually doing it.  It did mention
adding 'device csa' for crystal sound cards, and
I thought the chip was a crystal chip, but doing
this has not had any effect.

A google search turns up nothing but a few other
people asking the same question I have:  How do
you manage this?  bsdforums.org has some stuff
about this, but it's only talk that suggests that
others have working audio recording in place;
there is no mention of how to do this.

I have even tried plugging the microphone into
the other possible jack.

I need to record a CD for someone, of me
speaking. I really don't want to do this under
Windows, and while Audacity under Linux worked
for a short time, it now only produces static. Something is obviously broken there.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this
working?  Have I left any information out that
might have been useful?  I appreciate your help
on this matter.


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