Pascal Giannakakis wrote:

Lo folks,

i would like to change the colors of the shell to FG=green BG=black. I do
_not_ ask how to change the promt, i rather want to change the default FG BG
colors, so that with whatever program (be it Konsole, putty,, ...) i
log in via SSH it uses this colors. I am aware of the fact that i can set up
these colors in the clients itself, however this is not what i want.

Where do i set them up? Thank you!

I may be wrong because it been a while for me to make changes, but you need to edit your .profile for the system . Here you can set it up. You can even set it up where fortune, mot, or any other programs you want to start when a user log in. .profile more or less control shell, you can also set path up her at well.

You will need to set an ansi color.

Do a search on google for .profile you might find examples.


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