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> > What you're describing is normal behavior for ssh. Telnet does the
> > same thing from a fbsd to fbsd system. It uses the login id on the
> > connecting terminal as the user to auth against on the remote. I
> > would recommend using an rsa pass phrase instead of the password if
> > you wish it to be more secure.
> That's strange, to me at least.  I have a number of other systems
> that just give a login as: prompt.  Specifically FreeBSD 4.x.  Has
> things changed?
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Fbsd telnet attempts and SRA secure login on when connecting to another FBSD
box and will include the detected login ID in ()'s at the User prompt.
Hitting enter will pass you on to the password prompt.  With SSH/SSHD, the
hosts exchange keys to encrypt the initial connection. Once done, the client
sends the logon ID to the remote server. Regardless if the ID exists or not,
you'll be prompted for the password.  I honestly can't remember the last
time that I've been prompted with a login as: prompt. It's been quite a long
time ago. Of course, it could be because ssh/sshd is incorporated into the
system core now instead of requiring an install from ports with the
ssh.com's version of sshd.


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