In the last episode (Nov 03), Zhang Weiwu said:
> Hello. My friend have a Windows XP box running acfp proxy server (an
> opensource proxy server on sourceforge) which provide me http and ftp
> proxy both at the port 3130. I use it with Mozilla. Works fine for
> both http and ftp access.
> But I cannot use it with fetch(1). I set the http_proxy and ftp_proxy
> environment variables (value=, but only http access
> through the proxy succeed. Is fetch(1) using ftp_proxy in a different
> way than Mozilla?

Try setting ftp_proxy to "";.  The fetch command
can FTP over either an ftp proxy or an http proxy, so you need to tell
it which your server is.  FTP over an http proxy is a bit limited, but
it does work.

        Dan Nelson
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