Lewis Thompson wrote:
Hey guys,

I'm a first year CS student at Manchester and I've been given the task
of writing a 1,000 word essay on something computer-related.  It can be
pretty much anything I want (I think).  I've decided FreeBSD is
interesting, the OS I advocate and that I shall write about this.

  I am planning to write a brief history of the four BSDs, going way
back in time (probably a few words on Ritchie, etc.) but then
concentrate on FreeBSD.

I think showing the pedigree is a good idea. I would extend it to discuss and demonstrate how FreeBSD is a system with solid design principles and a resourceful community around it. It's benefits are more than technical, as anyone on this list can attest.

Given the short length, I think an overview of how FreeBSD came to be, it's strengths, and whatever seems appropriate in the projected evolution would be worth reading.

  I'm really asking if anybody can suggest any particularly interesting
topics that I can go away and research and then include in my essay.  I
guess since it's only a short essay I can't have /too/ much detail and I
didn't particularly want to try and explain something /very/ complicated
(although please suggest just the same ;).

Paul Beard
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