On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 02:31:29AM +0100, Martin wrote:
> Am Fr, den 14.11.2003 schrieb stan um 01:20:
> > Nov 12 20:00:07 black /kernel: ad3s1e: UDMA ICRC error writing fsbn 
> > 113202879 of 56601408-56601455 (ad3s1 bn 113202879; cn 7046 tn 141 sn 6)
> > retrying
> I had a similar effect here yesterday (but on CURRENT) and I 
> noticed that something is wrong with the allocation of interrupts
> for the PCI-bus (BIOS-settings). Perhaps you have same problem as
> myself.
> I figured out that on my Abit-BE6 Mainboard always assigns the same 
> IRQ to the IDE-controller and the card in PCI-slot 3. It depended on 
> how busy the card in slot 3 was. My TV-capture card even froze my PC
> completely after starting xawtv in PCI-slot 3.
> Check your device listing which comes right before the loader is
> started. Perhaps you discover a second device using same IRQ or
> DMA. Also check your BIOS settings.
That's an interesting posibility. The machine in questio has all 4 onboard
IDE places used, and 2 more on an add in IDE card, as well as 2 SCSO

I'll check it out, and report back.

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