My goals are:
- to use an Win2k server (terminal server) in a lan over the internet (FreeBSD 
box with pptpd)

My equipment:
- Win2k server, SP4 (test machine)
  - file server
  - telnet server
- FreeBSD 4.8
  - firewall (all rules works very well, also ftp etc.)
  - VPN server (PopTop 1.1.4-b3). I have access from the Internet to
    this box over a VPN (=pptp) connection
  - ssh server 
  - DynDNS client
  IP router side:
  IP LAN (Win2k server) side:

- Router
  ADSL Router ZyXel Prestige 642R-I
Here is the schema:

client in                      FreeBSD              Win2k
the Internet     Router        box                  server
   ----          ----      xl1 ---- xl0             ----
   |  | -------> |  | -------> |  | --------------> |  |
   ----          ----          ----                 ----
(for example:
 Win2k, Win9x)

If I start a pptp connect from the client in the internet (they receive an ip 
from to .210), I can ping without problem. Also I 
can ping from my FreeBSD box the remote client and the Win2k server. From the 
Win2k server I can alway ping the FreeBSD box but not the client in the 
internet. I also set manualy the arp resolution (MAC adress with ip adress) on 
both side but also no luck.
I started also tcpdump on the FreeBSD box with the following result:

Pings from the client to Win2k server. tcpdump start with options -n -i xl0 
23:18:20.217987 > icmp: echo request
23:18:21.677929 > icmp: echo request
23:18:22.693478 > icmp: echo request
23:18:23.709587 > icmp: echo request

here the same with options -n -i xl0 arp:
23:20:28.412407 arp who-has tell
23:20:29.685452 arp who-has tell
23:20:30.701281 arp who-has tell
23:20:31.717197 arp who-has tell

Pings from the Win2k server to the client. tcpdump started like above (icmp):
... no output

here the same like above (arp)
23:23:24.855173 arp who-has tell
23:23:25.923374 arp who-has tell
23:23:26.924785 arp who-has tell
23:23:27.926212 arp who-has tell

I also deactivetd the firewall but also no success.

What the hell is going wrong here?



Martin Schweizer

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