Rahul Fernandez wrote:

Hi, I have set up my sound card and am able to hear sound through it
when playing mp3 files with xmms. I have the cd plugin for xmms and
have, I believe, correctly configured it. The songs on the cd appear
in the xmms playlist and a song appears to be playing but I hear
nothing. I have checked the mixer levels with aumix and everything
seems fine. I have also tried to play a cd using cdcontrol. Again,
the cd drive appears to be playing but I hear nothing. The cd player
works works fine under linux and windows. If it is relevant, it is a
dvd/cd rom combo drive (Lite-on). If anybody has any insght, it would
be most appreciated! Thanks, Rahul

Maybe a common mistake:

Is there an audio cable between the drive and the soundcard ?

That is necessary to play cdda.

I don't know the exact specs but your cd-drive sends the sound kinda "directly" to your soundcard. So that cable is necessary


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