Rahul Fernandez wrote:

I am able to hear sound when watching films using mplayer.
Does that not mean that the audio cable is connected to the sound card (in
response to somebody's suggestion)? I will check later that this is the case.
Thanks, Rahul

Trying to simplify the difference:

the sound from a mpg/divx/xvid movie is read as data over the IDE cable.
then this data is processed by the playersoftware and send to the the right audio codec (e.g mp3), which sends its output to the soundcard driver, which instructs the soundcard (using the PCI or ISA bus) to make some noise.

in the case of an audio cd:
The cd-drive receives a "play" instruction for track 5
the cd-drive sends the audio it reads directly to the soundcard using the cable between the 2 devices.

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