> One of the ideas behind this new directory of mount points is that some kind 
> of automounter could then create and delete directories someplace as needed 
> without affecting anyone. So while not as large in K as a logfile, the 
> contents of the directory could get pretty large. (Probably a realistic max 
> of 20 items, but enough to rule out leaving it in /.)
> Just because /var is a symlink to /lump/var shouldn't affect that.

Yah, but, it adds just another level of indirection and possible
confusion.   I would prefer my mounts to be more clear.

Hmmm, a place for an automounter to work...
Well, that could involve more than just media devices - demand 
directories of files and home directories or users' scratch directories
come to mind - so maybe a better name than media could be discovered.

On our Sun systems it is in /opt/home, but I never liked it
that way because we also use the name home for another directory
someplace else plus opt ends up being a garbage dump for everything
they haven't thought out well on Suns.


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