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> Does anyone know if FreeBSD 4.9 can withstand various attacks such as DoS straight 
> out of the box, or does it require any 3rd party stateful packet firewalls etc.. to 
> be installed?

Both of the built-in firewall packet filters (ipfw(8) and ipf(8))
feature stateful rulesets.  These can protect you against certain
types of DoS attacks.  Which one you choose is entirely a matter of
preference at this sort of level.

A well configured FreeBSD box is a very good choice for a firewall
system.  Plus if you confine the box to doing NAT+packet filtering,
you don't need much in the way of horsepower at all to cope with the
sort of traffic levels you can get on a cable modem connection.  An
old pentium with a couple of good NICs should be able to cope.



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