Before going back to the FHS list, I'd like to summarize what I think the 
opinions here were. Please correct me if I'm horribly off-base.

The idea of defining a default directory to hold directories for recurring 
temporary mount points is considered to be a good one, though it's use should 
be optional. Putting these in / would be a bad idea, because it would clutter 
up the root directory. Putting these in /mnt would be a bad idea because lots 
of people expect that directory to be empty to be used for temporary ad hoc 
mount points. Also, the FHS shouldn't try to define all the names of these 
mount point directories.

Putting this directory into /usr, /tmp, or any of the other well-defined 
top-level directories doesn't make any sense. But perhaps a directory in /var 
would be a good idea, but some people thought that it sounded wierd, and 
there were some technical [1] reasons [2] why it might be a bad idea.

Some recommended top-level directories were:

/fs, /tfs, /mounts, /volumes, /mnts


If anyone thinks I would be misrepresenting the discussion, please let me 


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