On Monday 01 December 2003 04:50, Gary Kline wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 03:39:37AM +0100, Melvyn Sopacua wrote:
> > On Monday 01 December 2003 02:29, Gary Kline wrote:
> > >   Yipes!  No wonder no FUD port has been done! ....
> >
> > You mean this?
> >
> > (I'm still trying to improve this, but need a hack on bsd.php.mk to make
> > it more user-friendly).
> >
> > Oh - just create /usr/ports/www/fudforum, cd into it and sh /path/to/
> > fudforum.sh.
> >
> > --
> > Melvyn
>       "fudforum.sh"??  Hm, looks like I grabbed the wrong .bz2

No - the mailinglist software stripped the attachment. It was a shar archive 
(see my message 5 minutes later), which is commonly used to distribute new 
ports or proposals for that. What I did after I proposed this software to 
you, is create a port for it, and find out for myself what issues would arise 
if a port would be created. It's a pretty straight-forward port actually 
which doesn't need much magic.

The only annoying thing is that there's no way currently for a port to 
determine which php extensions have actually been compiled into php, other 
then guessing "if the mysql library is there, then probably the php build has 
the mysql extension as well", which is not necessarily the case.


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