Honourable Mr Park

My name is Ziad Fazah.Indeed, I have already emailed you twice, concerning the non-possibility of Freebsd installation version 4.7. But after having installed Freebsd version 4.9, I got disappointed at Freebsd Kernel, because it didn't recognize my sound card and the ethernet controller.Thus, Iam asking you, whether there have been new switches on version 5.1 , referring to its kernel. Unfortunately, I couldn't install it, due to the fact of having stopped immediately by announcing: Unknown cards. Thus, I checked out all irqs, and afterwards, I realized that my network card and the network sound hadn't been recognized by Freebsd. What a deception!! In anyway, I shall be awaiting a response from you as soon as possible, and thanks a lot for your understanding.
Yours Faithfully,
Ziad Fazah

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