On Mon, 8 Dec 2003 16:44:19 -0800, Cal Cornils wrote:

>I'm having trouble doing a binary upgrade from 4.3 to 4.9.
>Existing 4.3 was installed with 'all' distributions selected, and takes up
>about 636M on an old Pentium.
>When I tried the upgrade to 4.9 the first time (selecting 'all' again) the
>process bombed, and complained about unwillingness to upgrade /src,
>suggesting CTM or CVSup - which was fair enough, since this was supposed to
>be a 'binary' upgrade.  (Does this always happen??)
>Re-installed 4.3 again and re-tried the upgrade - this time with all
>distributions chosen (except sources).  Bombed out again, complaining about
>'unable to extract stuff into /usr/X11R6 directory'.  However, even with
>this outcome, the system seems to be working (almost) OK.  Boots OK with 4.9
>kernel and 'uname -a' shows Version 4.9.  All of the files seem to be there
>(now takes up 822M), and all of the files I've checked have dates of Oct 27
>(which I assume is when 4.9 was built).
>However, all of my old configuration files are still stuck in /usr/tmp/etc
>and have not been copied back into /etc - only 'new' unmodified versions of
>the files are there, also with dates of Oct 27.  And, I assume, there are
>troubles in the X11R6 directory, since that's where it was when it bombed.
>So, it appears that the upgrade went almost to completion, but ran into
>trouble towards the end.
>Any suggestions??  I'm beginning to believe that binary upgrades are more
>trouble than a 'real' one - even though it 'appears' to be easier.

to be honest with you, I've _never_ had good luck with binary upgrade. 
I've never got one to work.  If you can, patch everything up, install
cvsup, and follow the "build world" tuturiol on the main website
(www.freebsd.org).  It will take a little time on an old pentium to
recompile the SRC, but on my K6-450, I can build the entire 5.1 src in
under a few hrs (like 2-3), the 4.x series is a lot faster.
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