On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Lewis Thompson wrote:

>   Is it even possible to have >4 IDE disks?  I know the performance
> would be terrible but I have considered this and realised it is
> irrelevant since the box only has a 10Mbit connection (it's for storing
> large data files (videos, etc.)).

Yes - you many also want to look at 3ware their IDE cards (which can
handle 4 8 or 16 disks). That is an easy/cheap way to add some IDE disks
to your machine. See http://www.ironsystems.com/ and ASA computers for
some inspiration and configs. We've used the latter for 'cheap' but low
quality storage in the 0.5-2Tb for things like large datafiles. For
certain things it can be very effective and under the 5k sort of value.

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