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:>     Why some programs are in base system . What is the meaning of
:> Sendmail or SSH in base system . Programs are only executable things
:> What is the relation about those programs with base system ?!
:With the ideas you have about how an operating system should be
:assembled, I suggest that you use Debian <URL:http://www.debian.org/>
:instead of FreeBSD. it is much closer to your philosophy.

Don't send him away. This is a good question.

FreeBSD has third-party software (like Sendmail, SSH, Gnats, CVS,
Kerberos, ppp etc.) included as part of its source code base
distribution, and this generally confuses people accustomed to other Unix-
like distributions. 

I don't know what the underlying rationale was for each piece, but I
guess this more integrated approach was meant to make it convenient for
programmer/sysadmins to install the software, contribute changes, and
communicate about the OS with other people in the FreeBSD community.

In principle the integrated approach is attractive because it is simpler
to treat an operating system as a single piece with a lot of features
for convenience, rather than a bunch of unrelated components laying on
the floor that you have to fetch-and-assemble yourself.

I like the fact that the operating system comes with development tools
built-in (C, C++, gdb, CVS, Gnats). It impresses me as a fair and
correct choice in design that an open-source operating system should
have these things.

Allan Bowhill

Real software engineers don't like the idea of some inexplicable and
greasy hardware several aisles away that may stop working at any
moment.  They have a great distrust of hardware people, and wish that
systems could be virtual at *___all* levels.  They would like personal
computers (you know no one's going to trip over something and kill your
DFA in mid-transit), except that they need 8 megabytes to run their
Correctness Verification Aid packages.

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