Chris -

It doesn't look like they do quite what I'd like.  Here's the man page
for shred (  Shred is used
in a shell script called Autoclave
( to securely wipe a
hard drive before getting rid of it.  I've attached the ""
script (as long as attachments are allowed, ask me for it if you don't
get the attachment).


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> Hello -
> I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and was wondering if there are any other
> programs out there for secure deletion.  I know that you can use the
> -P flag with rm to overwrite files but you can't specify the
> iterations of overwriting.
> What I'm looking for is something similar to (or exactly like) shred
> for Linux.  Is it out there??
> Thanks,
> Ben


The only programs I've seen like what you describe are 'obliterate' and


I'm not sure either of them does exactly what you want (specifying how
many times to overwrite the file,) but they may be worth checking out.



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