Hi all,

I recently updated my source to 4.9-Stable from 4.2-Release. 
I did everything according the Handbook, and it seems to be
working fine.

I'm now trying to enable the kernel for firewalls. I made a copy of
GENERIC & made the attendant changes. 

make buildkernel KERNCONF=MyNewfile works fine. 

make installkernel KERNCONF=MyNewfile fails, with this message:

  install: /usr/src/sys/modules/joy/joy.sh: No such file or directory

Googling on this, I found two cases. One guy got no responses. The other
got one response which said "If I had to guess, you updated the sources 
but were only building the kernel.  Don't do that." 

True, I updated my source, but I also did a buildworld on that source, 
and actually built a new kernel as part of that process (as recommended 
by the handbook). 

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Also, doing man joy 
(tee hee) tells me that joy.sh is used to load the joystick module. I
don't care about the joystick, so can I just disable this?

The Bean

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