--- Kent Stewart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Joy.sh was retired but the Makefile still refers to it as an afterinstall 
> option. The joy.sh script was never removed from my /usr/src by cvsup. 
> You could grab joy.sh from the attic. The script that I still have, simply 
> does "kldload joy".

Thank you Kent, for your awfully prompt resposne! This confused me at first, 
but I believe you're saying that either I can go to the attic and get joy.sh . . . 
OR, I can simply make a one-liner that says 'kldload joy.sh'. If I don't care about
joy then I suppose a 0-liner would work too, as long as make finds something. Since
I don't know what the attic is, it might be vi time (or perhaps just touch).

So this is a make problem, not a config file problem. What's odd is that my attempt
to make installkernel worked when I upgraded, but make installkernel KERNCONF=MyGENERIC
fails, even though the only differences are options IPFIREWALL, 
options IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE, and options IPDIVERT. Perhaps the different config file
cause make to do more work, and that triggered the problem. Interesting.

Should the make file be changed so that it doesn't try to install a module that it
doesn't build? Or is there a legitimate reason to try it?

Thanks again Kent!

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