hello folks, i have a little problem with my vinum on
-> FreeBSD 5.1

i wanted to create an LogVol with vinum. I have 4 physikal hard drives in my pc. and i wanted to combine 3 of them with vinum.
After i have read the handbook and the manpages i configured my vinum without problems, but after restart all my configs are lost.
Here are the steps I've done:

touch /etc/vinum.conf
-> vinum create -f -v /etc/vinum.conf

In this file there are these entrys:

   drive d1 device /dev/ad1s1
   drive d2 device /dev/ad2s1
   drive d3 device /dev/ad3s1
   volume doc1s1 setupstate
      plex org concat
         sd length 0 drive d1
         sd length 0 drive d2
         sd lenght 0 drive d3

after I did this, all plexes are up without errors.

then I did:

-> newfs /dev/vinum/doc1s1
-> disklabel -e /dev/vinum/doc1s1

I also made the entry in rc.conf:

after all my /dev/vinum looks . .. control contorld dev1s1 plex sd

and after this I made an new entry in my /etc/fstab and mounted it successfully. But then after reboot, all is lost, there is no /dev/vinum/doc1s1, in the dir. Can anybody helps me?
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