I might be lying to you with my answers.  I'm hoping Greg Lehey or some
other Vinum hacker will point anything I get wrong out though :)

On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 01:23:53PM -0800, Evan Sayer wrote:
> I have a question about how vinum effects access to file systems.  When 
> i have a vinum volume on a drive which contains the file system /usr, 
> which is being mirrored to another volume on another drive, are the 
> contents of  /usr encompassed in the volume (like a partition) or is 

/usr is generally partition e on the slice (at least it is on my
machine).  This means you can set up two Vinum drives using, for
example, ad0s1e.  That way you will be able to mount either disk.

  However, that's not really useful.  You really want to be mounting
/dev/vinum/usr (if that's what you called your volume).  This way Vinum
will handle the synchronization for you.

> If i do this will i be able to access all the files on the first hard
> drive as though it was just a regular partition.

Yes.  Same for the second disk.  You really want to mount /dev/vinum/usr
as I mentioned above.

> Do i need subdisks and plexes just to mirror the file systems' data?



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