Hi All,

In the December 2003, Sys Admin magazine (www.sysadminmag.com), there was an
article (pg 17), about doing Oracle DB Backups using UFS Snapshots.  This
was implemented using a facility built into Solaris.

I have read about other snapshot products for MS Windows NTFS etc.

Is there a way to do snapshot backups using FreeBSD's UFS?

Hmm, after writing the above, I thought I should at least google for
'freebsd snapshot backup'.  Well, low and behold, there it is in 5.0+  Cool!

OK, I will remod my question, is there any talk of having the snapshot
feature being retro fitted to 4.x stable?  (or is there some other util/port
out there that does this?)



PS. FreeBSD never ceases to amaze me ;-)

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