On Sunday 28 December 2003 03:26 pm, Matt Juszczak wrote:
> I read somewhere about the AMANDA project.  Is that any good for a
> situation like this?
Well, Amanda is certainly good for the backup of the data. The main 
site's here:


and Curtis Preston put part of his O'Reilly book online:

      But... Amanda would not be a great choice because it's really a 
backup system and you'd end up having to write scripts to restore from 
dump files created by Amanda to the backup server filesystem. If you're 
going to that trouble, it would be easier to use rsync. 
      Again, I think shared scsi or fibre channel would be the way to 
go. I'm not sure how well FreeBSD supports shared scsi/fibre channel 
drive sharing ( I know it supports some fibre channel adapters), 
however. If it does work well, you could have a central RAID array 
running RAID 10 and have the master DB server run with the drive 
mounted. If the master had problems, the backup/secondary could take 
over. You would have one set of data to contend with, and consequently,  
synchronization would not be an issue. My only concern would be 
filesystem writes and soft depends in general. 


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