I have installed 5.2RC2 on i386 and have all of it working well (including ACPI with HTT)

Since I am much more familiar with the 4.x flavor, is there any web area that explains the following:

1. it seems alot of startup was moved to /etc/rc.d...thats cool, but I dont see the connection as to how things in there are being invoked?

2. How can I get rid of the boot menu and boot 5.2 like 4.x ?

3. I built a custom kernel and chose to incorporate 'hints' within the kernel and that seems to work, but I noticed alot of modules still get built for devices I didnt include or list (like scsi and sound)...how can I effectively remove devices I dont have ?

..other than this (so far)..I am very pleased at the performance!


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