I am running 5.2-CURRENT on my PII-400 desktop. I have done 3 installs of FreeBSD each time cvsupping to 5.2 current (using ISOs for 5.1 and 5.2) to do the initial install.

EVERY time I get the following problem. When I try to logout, reboot, or shutdown the machine from X, the machine locks up (no mouse or keyboard response) and I have to do a cold reboot. I am presented with the black text screen seen during bootup right before it launches X (sorry, don't know what to call it) with my


prompt (again, no response from keyboard or mouse input...it's like X shuts down entirely and then the machine locks trying to go to the next step). This happens whether I use xdm, kdm, or gdm. I have seen other posts with some similar symptoms refer to ACPI and disabling this (I can't find the entry in my BIOS to turn this off). It's an old Asus P2B motherboard. I'm not even sure it's the problem, but I'm willing to look at anything!

I really want to use FreeBSD, but having to do constant cold restarts when I shutdown or try to switch users is going to get old fast (not to mention the eventual damage to my files...even though I've got soft updates enabled;) )

I will provide any additional input I can, I realize it's not much to go on now, but hopefully those more knowledgeable than me can guide me to some things to look at to figure out why this is happening.

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