Martin Brecher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> John Mills wrote:
> [...]
> > I have an installation I'm comfortable with, between those ports I
> > chose to install, those I chose _not_ to install, and those I went
> > around and added individually. Now I want to install the same set in
> > a number of other systems.
> [...]
> > The machines have 3.5" diskettes, _just_sufficient_ hard drives, netowrk
> > interface cards, and no CD-ROMs. They hang on a LAN served with DHCP.
> [...]
> > What are my options, and your recommendations?
> Assuming all machines have similar installations of FreeBSD, you could
> just cp -Rp /usr/local to the other machines over the network -- or
> have it just NFS mounted (no local copy on each machine).
> Additionally, you would have to copy missing items from /var/db/pkg to
> the other machines. And possibly diff/merge some files in /etc (some
> ports may need additional user accounts, etc).

And the X11 tree, too...

It would probably be easiest to make packages of the ports, and
install them from a central server.

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