At 06:52 PM 1/2/2004, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
"J.D. Bronson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have noticed that when building apps (via gcc for example) that my
> free RAM (seen via 'top') is diminishing down to almost nothing...

"Free RAM is wasted RAM."

> Is it going to buffer space?
> it looks like at this rate, I will start swapping soon...

I doubt it.  I'm sure the system keeps converting buffer and inactive
memory into free memory as it needs it.

> Any comments or any way to change this behavior?
> ..I dont remember this 'issue' on 4.9....

The FreeBSD virtual memory implementation has always tried to keep
memory full.  This is the subject of a very popular entry in the
FreeBSD Frequently Asked Questions list:
Lowell Gilbert,

Thanks...I didnt this before and now I feel better :)

J.D. Bronson
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