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Right! Ok, it's definitely not inetd that I need. I'm
thinking primarily of starting apache and a dynamic ip
updater automatically at startup.


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Maybe you just don't understand what you are seeing.
Inetd is the
Super server. Every thing you uncomment in the
inetd.conf file is an
server of it own right. But instead of an daemon
running for telnet
or FTP all the time. Inetd runs and listens on the
ports where those
services would be listings and when inetd sees an
request on the
specified port it automatically launches the server
for that
service. With inetd running , ps ax only shows inetd
running, but
start an telnet session to your box and you will see
that inetd has
spawned an telnet server session. When your telnet
users leaves the
session, the telnet server terminates. Inetd is used
to conserve

If you installed apache from ports, there should already be a apache-dist.sh script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d .
Copy it to apache.sh, chmod 600 (or at least make it executable), and apache should start at system reboot.


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