"Shawn Guillemette" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Once apon a time I worked for a company that had used somthing called "RCS" to 
> protect files from being writen to by more then one user at the same time. 
> Im now in a situation where that would become helpful. I have read the man pages on 
> RCS and looked for documantation on the web including the FreeBSD diary site and 
> wanted to post to you all to see if anyone had any links to some good documentation 
> on this. Even how-to's would be great. 
> Thanks 
> Shawn 

Nowadays most people use CVS, which can be thought of as a wrapper to RCS
(and actually was implemented this way at first IIRC). It does not have
exclusive locking like RCS does, but for most scenarios this is not a
problem. If the way it handles conflicts is acceptable to you, this would
be a good resource to learn about it:



  Dan Pelleg
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