On Monday 05 January 2004 11:02 am, Philip Hallstrom wrote:
> Hi -
>       I've got a little computer that has four serial ports built-in to
> the motherboard.  I want to add a PCI modem (USR 5610B) and am
> having a devil of a time.  I know this modem works since I've used
> it (well, another one just like it) in another machine no problem.
> [...]
> The last time I did this it just worked.  However, this bit from
> the Handbook has me concerned:
>---- These are the four serial ports referred to as COM1 through
> COM4 in the MS-DOS/Windows world.

That's the modem I use (the US Robotics 5610B internal PCI card modem 
with FreeBSD 5.1)--great modem.

Because the modem is inside the computer on the PCI bus, and not 
attached to one of the two serial ports on the outside of the 
motherboard (each of which does double duty as two "COM" ports), it 
is NOT any of COM 1 through COM 4. In FreeBSD (in 5.1 anyway), here 
are the equivalent devices:

Windows    FreeBSD 5.1
-------    -----------
COM 1  ->  /dev/cuaa0
COM 2  ->  /dev/cuaa1
COM 3  ->  /dev/cuaa2
COM 4  ->  /dev/cuaa3
A PCI-card modem, with its own port on its card -> /dev/cuaa4

-Steve D
New Mexico US

Life is full of answers, if you don't care what the questions are.

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