On Monday 05 January 2004 05:53 am, Dany wrote:
> This week-end I was trying to get my Atapi CDRW to burn something
> and noticed I needed the CAM support enabled for it. Reading the
> handbook gave me the necessary option for the kernel : *device
> atapicam
> *It worked but I remember posting a question about where to find
> all the different options for the Kernel.
> The response was easy and located into the /sys/i386/conf/NOTES
> file (under 5.x).
> The thing is I couldn't find any trace of the Device atapicam in
> either GENERIC or NOTES. Is this normal or is there any other
> hidden options I should be aware of ?
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Try this:

shell-prompt:>  cd /sys/i386/conf
shell-prompt:>  make LINT
shell-prompt:>  grep atapicam LINT

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