On Jan 12, 2004, at 5:45 AM, Philip Schulz wrote:
I'm currently working on a program which will be used in a closed company
environment. The programm is written in C. For this program, I need to find
a way of parsing a configuration file. I found a library which can do exactly what I need, it's GLib's lexical scanner [1].

What are your requirements for this configuation file?

Something that deals with "classic" Unix config files (ie, along the lines of /etc/rc.conf and the like), with #-style comments and simple key-value assignment should only take a few hours to whip up, if you can't use GLib or other GPL'ed code for your circumstances.

If you need something fancier, consider lex and yacc (or flex & bison), but XML property lists are another alternative that might be more flexible.


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