> Hello,
> I am trying to configure mpd for road warrior w2k clients to 
> connect to,
> and I'm running into a few issues, hoping some of you could help out.
> I'm not sure if there are other issues that need to be configured
> differently besides mpd, like ppp or natd, etc. Or do you 
> need to change
> options in the W2K VPN client. Below are my specs, mpd config 
> files, and
> error message. Please let me know if you have any 

I know its been a while since you posted (I don't get to read this list as
often as I'd like to), but in case you didn't get it working, the thing that
threw me for a while was putting "gateway_enable=yes" in rc.conf (syntax
might be slightly different). 

Its in the MPD readme file, but you don't see that file when installing from
ports. ;)

Don't forget to run some sort of firewall so you only allow pptp traffic to
bridge that connection. 


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