I am trying to get vmailmgr-0.96.9 to build from the ports collection of
FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE.  I 'think' it will work if I can have the port use
a different compiler version during the build.  I have been unable to
figure/find out how (if?) this is possible.  By default it seems to use
gcc 3.2.2, and I have the port install of gcc 2.9.5 available I just
don't know how to make 'make' use the older version.

I am pretty spoiled with the ports collection in that I almost never
have to compile anything without using a port.  But I have managed to
alter the source in work/ to get past a couple of the errors
(missing/incorrect includes).  Still getting stumped by lots of errors
along the lines of this:

../lib/libvmailmgr.a(cdb_get.o): In function `cdb_reader::get(mystring
cdb_get.o(.text+0x355): undefined reference to `operator new(unsigned)'

I don't know how to work through those errors, and from what I've found
on the net it doesn't compile with gcc 3+.  So now I would like to try
and using gcc 2.9.5 and see if that doesn't clear up the final
(hopefully) issue.

Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in
advance for your time.

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