This doesn't necessarily pertain to FreeBSD(although it will depending on what kind of answers I receive) but it's interesting nonetheless. I work for an ISP and one of the services we offer is dial-up internet. Our 3COM hardware( the CSU/DSUs and the DSP cards) is on its last legs and requires frequent reboots. I've noticed that you can purcahse T1 cards that support up to 4 T1 lines and contain the CSU/DSUs on them for a few hundred dollars. The problem is that you then have to get DSPs for them and that raises the cost to around $5000. For $5000 we can get more shitty 3COM hardware than we'd know what to do with, so thats not a good solution. I was thinking, why can't the DSPs be emulated? Does anybody know of any software that will emulate some number of DSPs(92 would be the max for 4 T1 lines) and interface them with a CSU/DSU? If no software exists what brand of hardware do you recommend for this type of application. There seems to be only about 6 companies that make this stuff and none of them seem that great. I appreciate any feedback I recieve.


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