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Subject: Re: How do YOU stay up to date?
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:34:45 +0100

Duane Winner wrote:

Hello all again,

I'm finally getting my arms around FreeBSD and the updating processes
and tools. But I'm still trying to come up with good
habits/methods/instructions for updating routines for both myself and my
colleagues who also want to switch to FreeBSD.

I now understand how to use cvsup to keep my src and ports tree current.
I know how to use pkg_add -r to install new sotware, or go into
/usr/ports/whatever to make install. I know how to do portupgrade to
upgrade my installed ports, how to pkg_version -v to see what's out of
date with my tree, and how to cronjob cvsup to keep my trees current. (I
still need to play more with make world and whatnot)

But what do you all out there in BSD land do to stay current as a
practice? I'm looking at this on two fronts: FreeBSD on our laptops
(There will be at least 3 of us with T23's, and I also plan on migrating
most, if not all of my servers from Linux to FreeBSD).

If you have the resources, you should consider using a dedicated machine for compiling.
With ~10 laptops, a bunch of workstations and about 20-25 servers running FreeBSD we use 2 dedicated machines that does nothing but download sources and compiles them. One is tracking 4.x-STABLE and the other 5.x-RELEASE. Anyone can nfs mount choosen directories from these machines and install the pre-compiled software.
It works extremely well, once the users have learned the correct process.

I'm doing something very similar with a dedicated server and for ports I do a daily upgrade with portupgrade -Rruap to upgrade and build a package that the users can then install because I have some very slow machines that would take days to build some of the larger ports and by just having the server's /usr/ports nfs mounted on their machines they can upgrade quickly by just using the -P option to portupgrade. I'm not sure if that is the best way to do it but it has worked well for me for sometime.

Good luck,

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