Hello everyone,

   I would like to share an internet connection
between freebsd and windows xp.
   This is my scenario:
    I have a ADSL internet connection in a winXP pro
    I have another box with FreeBSD 4.9 recently
installed that is not configured for networking or
    I have a point-to-point network with those two
boxes (that is not working at the moment and I dont
know how to make it work).
    I do not want to change the connetion to the
internet to the freebsd box. I like to leave it in the
winxp box.
    I dont know if this matters but my internet ip is
    I cant purchase any hardware.

   if this is possible, I would like to know what I
have to configure and/or install in the freebsd box to
make this work. Also I would apreciate to either an
explanation or pointers to documentation that help me
configure and/or install everything that I will need.

   Thanks for reading this and for a possible reply.


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