Hanspeter Roth wrote:

On Jan 16 at 15:38, Carvalho Paulo spoke:

I do not want to change the connetion to the
internet to the freebsd box. I like to leave it in the
winxp box.

This would require winxp to route. Is winxp able to route? FreeBSD

Yes. I'd use the FreeBSD machine as the gateway, but you can also use xp - this is in fact an xp question. But to be helpful: open the network and internet connections control panel on the xp machine, right click the dial-up networking account you use, choose "properties", select the tab marked "sharing" and enable internet sharing, and dial-on-demand if you wish. Your FreeBSD machine should be set to use dhcp for the network card. It'll work fine. If both machines have network cards, connect them via a hub or switch and use standard RJ45 cables, or plug them into each other directly with a crossover ethernet cable. A normal ethernet cable will not work. Reboot the FreeBSD machine, and it will get an address in the range from the xp machine. It will be able to access the internet via the xp machine.


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