> Hello group,
> For what purposes will I find I need to use all these tools you write
> about?
> I'm talking about awk, ed, ex, etc.  I haven't found the need to do so,
> yet,
> but I'd like to possibly learn this stuff before I really do need it.
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> Eric F Crist
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> (612) 998-3588

Many of us all learn from several books, online articles, and other forms
of documentations.

For you, perhaps, you should have your own system with an UNIX/Linux
operating system to experiment with.

If you are going to mess with FreeBSD, you can use
http://www.freebsd.org/handbook (a shortcut link to the famed handbook). 
That would help you to get started into the FreeBSD basics.

For your listed commands, the learning documents can be found at
http://www.google.com with certain words such as "replace sed" to discover
what the proper usage of sed to replace strings.

Also, on your UNIX/Linux systems, you should have manpages to help you. 
You could simply type in "man sed" to learn what you could do with sed.
Best place to learn more about manpages is by typing in "man man" :)

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