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> Many of us all learn from several books, online articles, and other forms
> of documentations.
> For you, perhaps, you should have your own system with an UNIX/Linux
> operating system to experiment with.
> If you are going to mess with FreeBSD, you can use
> http://www.freebsd.org/handbook (a shortcut link to the famed handbook).
> That would help you to get started into the FreeBSD basics.
> For your listed commands, the learning documents can be found at
> http://www.google.com with certain words such as "replace sed" to discover
> what the proper usage of sed to replace strings.
> Also, on your UNIX/Linux systems, you should have manpages to help you.
> You could simply type in "man sed" to learn what you could do with sed.
> Best place to learn more about manpages is by typing in "man man" :)


Thanks for your reply.  Those are all sources I'm aware of.  Also, I've been 
using FreeBSD since 1998, running different web servers and such.  I suppose 
I should have been a little more specific.  What, specifically, do you find 
you need to use these commands for?  What kinds of text files?  Log files?  
I'm not sure.

Thanks again for your reply.
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