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"Rickard Dahlstrand" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a computer that will have it's power removed quite often. In
> other word It will not unmount the file system. What kind of
> implications does this have in the long term?
> I have discovered that the start-up takes much longer because of
> having to clean the file system. Is there a way to prevent this and
> what harm can cutting the power have on the system?
> I know of some installations that use read-only mounting. Is it
> possible to mount / RO and /etc and /var RW? Will that speed up the
> boot process?

Yes, edit fstab and change rw in ro for the fs you want to be mounted
read-only. It should speed up the boot and give you greater chances in
case of desaster.

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