Hi, folks,

I've gotten my modem problems straightened out--and thanks for the help! Now, I've got two other oddities going on.

(By the way, I've yet to upgrade to 4.9--that'll be soon, but not today--and I'm still on 4.6 for now.)

First, my mouse--a very vanilla two-button PS/2--is not doing the right thing (or anything at all). I first turned it on with /stand/sysinstall and it appeared (on that screen) to be working correctly, but didn't know to do a vidcontrol -m on, so I started mucking around with the configuration. Now, I can't get it to appear normal in /stand/sysinstall, and it also flickers on the screen. It'll "select" when I click, but it doesn't select consistently, and it does not paste. I've yet to set up X--this is strictly on the bare screen. This is frustrating, but not horrible.

Second, curl 7.10.7 will pkg_add, but when I try to use it (to resume the download of XFree86-fontScalable, which was almost done when we got a power hit), it tells me /usr/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libssl.so.3" not found. Is this just a bad setting for LD_LIBRARY_PATH? Or something else?


John A

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