Well crap, everything was going so well. I upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2 using
cvsup, recompiled (nearly) all my ports (some KDE stuff is still
complaining, but that shouldn't be relevant here). I have openssh installed
via ports:

su-2.05b# pkg_info | grep ssh
openssh-3.6.1_5     OpenBSD's secure shell client and server (remote login

And my /etc/rc.conf contains:


Under 5.1, I'd SSH in (via PuTTY), then use port-forwarding to forward
localhost:7001 to remote:5901. I could then run VNC, connect to
localhost:7001, and tunnel my VNC session over SSH.

Since upgrading to 5.2 (nothing else has changed), while I can still SSH
in, attempting to tunnel VNC fails and I get the following error in my
PuTTY log:

2004-01-20 11:34:21     Opening forwarded connection to localhost:5901
2004-01-20 11:34:22     Forwarded connection refused by server

On the FreeBSD box, I see:

Jan 20 11:33:57 scott sshd[78580]: error: getsockopt TCP_NODELAY:
Connection reset by peer

This is using the same configs, profiles, etc. Nothing has changed except
the upgrade of the FreeBSD box from 5.1 to 5.2. Any thoughts?

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