Hello. I'm swapping my second hard drive for a larger
one. This is the drive with my / partition on it. Well
I've made the partitions on the other drive and copied
my data. I made the partition active, though every
time I return to fdisk in sysinstall, it doesn't show
it as active anymore. Lastly, I fixed fstab. Remember
that it's actually my second hard drive and Lilo is on
the first, so no need to mess with that. So I put the
drive where the other one was, but when I booted, it
said invalid partition. It prompts me for the kernel,
and I type in 1:ad(1,d)/kernel but it still says
invalid kernel. The new / partition is ad2s1d when
it's hooked up as the third drive. I've played with it
for hours, and can't find a tutorial on doing this
anywhere. Any help is apppreciated.

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