Good day.

I would like to extend to you, whomever you are, my
heartfelt gratitude for this operating system. 

I come from a poor community in the heart of South
Africa. I learned about computers and how they work,
using Microsoft operating systems. I have had no
experience with any other operating system besides

Windows NT, 2000 and XP. I was given a copy of FreeBSD
release 5.0 by a gentleman I happened to meet whom is
into the Unix Operating system. He gave me 2 CD-Rom
disks and 2 Stiffy disks. I have read your site, I
found it most informative. I installed the FreeBSD
Operating System onto a Pentium II computer. It worked
first time, Great!!!!  I searched on Google for
commands and have found some..... 

I searched your site, but my burning question is, How
do I start the Graphical Interfaces, KDE and Gnome? I
did a Custom Installation following the directions of
the website. I installed all the packages and Ports. I
want to learn everything. 

I am of the understanding that the Operating System
loves command line. I dont feel that I am at that
level yet to configure from the command line. An old
adage in South AFrica goes, work from what you know,
to what you don't know. I want to learn everything
about the Operating System. I see its Potential is
GREAT.... So much can be done for the people who
cannot afford old or new computers never mind the
licenses for the Other operating systems here like
Novell and Microsoft.  I desperately want to learn
about this. I have come to an internet cafe to educate
myself further. My problem is that resources are
limited here regarding our access to Alternative
Operating Systems and equipment. The potential that
the discovery of this Operating System and what it
offers makes me salivate with happiness. I can make a
meal of this and do so many things within the
community along the lines of empowerment.... I have
heard about Linux, but have read from a few sources
that the FreeBSD Operating system is amongst the more
secure out there as well as that FreeBSD 5.0 has the
ability to emulate linux. So In my understanding I get
multiple Operating Systems, with Multiple capabilities
all roled into 1 ( well 2 disks!).

Please help in this regard. If possible, please help
me with the commands or where I can find them!!!  I
would appreciate this greatly!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Thank You so much for this Operating. Please pass this
on to whomever is concerned. My compliments and
gratitude to one and all !!!!

Thanking You as well as hoping for a favourable

Yours Sincerely 

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