On Thursday 22 January 2004 20:55, Chris Riley wrote:

> I'm trying to create a login class on a 4.9 box that will add additional
> restrictions for some users. I can add the login.class entries to the
> default class and they work, but they apply to everyone. I only want
> them to apply to certain users, but this isn't working.
> Here's what I'm doing:
> I create a copy of the default entry with the name "mygroup" and add

You don't need to create a copy, just enter the changes and close with:

> However, if I add the 2 lines to the "default" entry in login.conf it
> does work, but it works for everyone.
> How can I make it so that these entries are only applied to people in
> "mygroup"?

You can't, the following values are fetched from the default class *always*:

See lines 283 and following of /usr/src/usr.bin/login/login.c


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